PISM Software
Personal Information System Management Software is a platform for storage of personal information, and can be also be used for the maintenance and development of the individual. A system for organizing your life so that you may evolve, grow, and or change at your desired pace. Explicitly documenting all the information you value is a stable, solid way to progress in the direction you desire. A tool for analysis, creation, and integration of the mind, body, and valued devices.

Soft Exoskeleton
Walking and or running assistive wear. Light/soft exoskeleton to assist in walking or running. Individual needs to have the ability to stand unaided. The soft exoskeleton is not a frame for standing, it provides muscle enhancement.

DAIA - Digital Artificial Intelligent Assistant.
DAIA - Digital Artificial Intelligent Assistant for maintenance and improvement of your cognition. For prevention and compensation of dementia. A cognitive enhancement software for anyone who wants to maximize their mental and memory abilities. Basic package also contains the knowledge base of the daily activities mentioned below.

Daily activities technology - self feeding, grooming, dressing, bathing, toileting, self transfers, problem solving