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Computer and (Information Technology) IT Consultant

Personal and Business. Hardware and software.

Buying, maintaining, upgrading
PC, laptop, tablet

Setting up and maintaining
Workstations, Servers, Networks

Websites, Databases, Cloud storage, Group systems

Services include: computer(desktop and laptop) repair, data recovery, security and data integrity
webdesign, webmarketing, webpublishing

Operating Systems: linux, windows, minix

Development with Programming Languages: html, php, python, c, c++, java, go

Tools: android, wordpress, CRM

Adam Storm
Information Technology Consultant Software Engineer

Technology for 3d printed electronics

information technology, programming language, compiler, basic input output system, processor, memory, communication, physical, physical abstract - architectured for ages, aegis, and aigis technology - perceptics based - ages geometric illuminated distributions interconnected universals systems - is based concepts from linux, android, and windows. - recursive system for all electronics - architectured around - variable densities based - ages geometric illumination circuit synthetics - architectured around - the ages matrix - digiorganic time space units - peer to peer recursioned