Please help establish constructive ties with Korea. We are working on preventing and or limiting a civil war by establishing an entity that can negotiate with both parties. We are also getting ready to set up aide should civil war breakout. During and after the civil war Korea will need help to rebuild and re-establish itself.

Please join us in being a single entity that can do much more than many small entities. Let us not be enemies with either the current north or south or the next Korea to emerge. Let us have a more productive relationship and encourage the emergence of a new united Korean nation.

A united Korean nation based on the Declaration of Independence and under God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The foundation and ideals of the United States of America is currently the most advanced base for a nation to be built on. And we have the privilege of following such a nation who is blazing the trail of being and staying the most advanced civilization known to mankind.

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The government should exist to ensure the provision of food, clothing, shelter, health, enforcement of the Declaration of Independance, and overwatch of the civilization to be able to be a force to compensate for required situations.

These are current major catastrophes infecting the United States of America.

Limit interests to 5% on all financial items. Interests are getting out of hand.

Government bears compensatory responsibility for financial crimes to affected entitys.

Freedom is freedom, continuously remove slavery. Avoid enslavement entitys like student loans. Loans are loans and should be treated as such meaning all financial items should fit under bankruptcy. And call it as it is, don't try to deceive the people. These are not loans, they are enslavement papers. There are many people in this country who believe slavery is ok, it's always been that way. That's why there was a civil war.

Continuously strive for democracy. Tyrannical and dictatorship entitys like the IRS must not exist.

Pre-emptive means must be established to avoid judicious systems that has had 10% of the population experienced incarceration.
There cannot be any physical inprisonment for financial crimes. Money is a figment of the people's imagination. The government prints it at will. They can also stop using it at anytime. They can wake up tomorrow and say we are no longer using the dollar, we will now use ameribits, or whatever name they come up with.