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HIT (Health Information Technology) Project

We are doing research and development for health management technology

Project: HIT - Health Information Technology Platform

The HIT platform allows for individuals and or organizations to take charge of their health and healthcare services. People have become accustomed to living at a certain level but unexpected incidents occur that may compromise their state of health. These people look to healthcare to regain their state of health. People who want joint replacements have certain expectations which can be managed with the platform. Pain patients have certain expectations of pain relief. People who need medical services and want to live at home have certain expectations. The HIT platform will allow the people to manage their expectations via their healthcare services. This platform will be designed for seniors but younger adults requiring the same services may also use it.

The HIT platform will allow for coordination of care that can improve healthcare services and to better manage the costs. The platform will improve the collaboration of service providers through information and treatment sharing and management. Individuals will have their own virtual space to store documents provided by medical entities. Medical service providers will be allowed access to necessary information when the individual opens a document sharing application. The individual will be able to control what information is available to each provider. Multiple providers can have access to the same shared space to see what interventions have or are being implemented. A coordinator can regulate the overall plan of care and locate areas of focus that will allow for improved results at reduced or controlled costs.

The HIT platform will utilize cloud technologies. Cloud technologies is the ideal platform for individualized coordinated care. The Cloud allows for an individualized environment within which a DMA (documentation management application) can be shared by others. The DMA can include encryption of documents and security via private public keys.