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HPE - Human Performance Enhancements

NBIC convergence supported and led by the National Science Foundation - acceleration of innovation

The convergence of nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology and cognitive science represents the nexus of these power tools that may transform society, markets and the global economy.

bits - info - hpe
atoms - nano - hpe
genes - bio - hpe
neurons - cogno - hpe

The Three Domains of NBIC human enhancement performance are: 1. Therapeutic
2. Augmentation
3. Designed Evolution

1. Therapeutic : restoring sight, restoring hearing, prostheics for limbs, genetic vaccines, depression management, personalized medicine, organ cloning, memory restoration, mobility restoration

2. Augmentation : enhanced memory (total recall), infra-red night vision (security workers), wide spectrum hearing, long-range vision, specialized tool augmentation and cybernetics (doctors, engineers), embedded wireless communications (knowledge workers), high velocity robotic limbs (athletes), on-demand strength augmentation, preventive medicine and enhanced genomic health promotion, cognitive multi-tasking (project managers), personal genomic optimized analysis, visual cognitive high capacity storage (transaction agents), real-time visual and voice data mining, search and discovery, synaptic knowledge access port (direct Internet link), haptic virtual communications interface (simultaneous language translation on-demand)

3. Designed Evolution : longevity enhancement, optimized immuno-defense, co-evolutionary man/machine cyborgs, digitally engineered personalities, human clones, anti-atrophy muscles that resist degeneration, bones that replenish through self-assembly, intracellular disease scavengers that search and destroy on-demand