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Top 10 Programming Languages for 2014 Project

Top 10 Programming Languages for 2014

In this computer field, everyone is confuse about which language to be preferred. As in this field not only one language is enough. But from these lots of languages, which to be preferred. As every year, new language is in demand. Every language has a uniqueness which makes it more usable. As 2013 has been gone, so in this year which languages are to be preferred. Now there is a new list of top 10 programming languages you should learn in 2014.

As concern to programming, every coder is specialized in atleast one language. Some work on many languages, and choose compatible. Some just pick one-two, and become professional in those. But which is the most preferable language to learn. What are the top 10 programming languages, from which we can choose. Which language can make your carrier, or brighten you future.

Each programmer wants that he/she want to be a renounced one. Someone, that every coder or programmer should know. But how? how can you know that you can achieve it. That the language you know can makes you upto that level. Is the language you know is currently running in the market? Among the languages you know, which has more preference. What are top 10 programming languages from which you can choose atleast one.

There are many more like these questions, but where to get answer about them. Have a look in this article, may you can get what you want to know. Here are those top 10 programming languages, which has been surveyed.

C – Basic language to learn

C, a basic language known by most of the people on this earth. A language which was the first to be used by every programmer. First language, which was made for heavy calculations, and logics. Used on compiler, light weight and easy to understand. This language was developed by Dennis Ritchie. And the company was AT&T Bell labs between 1969 and 1973.

Language that was made with its compiler. And was designed as to make cross platform programming. As its source code can be used to run on any machine, with just a slight change. This language uses relatively less memory. And also useful comparably for those applications, which had been formed in Assembly Language. And its basic nature made it in top 10 programming language.

This language is popular because of its structure, which is used to make other languages. Languages like C++, C#, Objective C, JavaScript, Perl, Php, etc, are made using its structure. This language has its own part of being in top 10 programming languages for 2014. As this language’s syntax are easy to used, and make other languages easy to understand. If you know this language fully, there is nothing for Shell Scripting.

C++ – advance of basic

As C language is a basic language, and easy to understand. But regardless of this thing, we require a new language. A language in which one object, having properties of another functions, can be used. And that object variable can be used as many times as we want. Now this leads for the Object Oriented Programming, a different concept of programming.

C++ was made by Bjarne Stroustrup, at Bell Labs in 1979. Language which has features of C, but it also include four more features. Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism and Objects, four new things made in C++ Language. And these four things made this language, easier, portable and lightweight. And making the language better than basic, in top 10 programming languages.

C++ is popular because of its usability in software field. This language is used to make softwares like Firefox, Adobe programs, Linux shell. This language because of its object concept, it has been used in high level softwares, gaming and server based softwares. Programs made on them, are client friendly and you can works easily on its compiler. If you want to make softwares according to need, you have to accept this language.

JAVA – every time in top 10 programming languages

Java a language, known by every programmer, object oriented language developed by Sun Microsystem. A language which spreads all over the world in just few days. First language made which can be written once anywhere and can be run anywhere. Language released in 1995, by James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton.

Java was programmed such that it can be written on any platform. And using the java environment, convert into byte code. And then this byte code can be run on any platform. A language that was made to be simple, object oriented, robust, secure and much more. This language always comes in top 10 programming languages.

Java is popular mainly because of its wide scale usability. It is used in enterprise software, web based, mobile, games and many more. And most importantly it is used to make Android operating system. This language is now a days learned by every student. And this language is mostly in demand during internship, and interviews. If you know this language, you need not to be in tension. This language has a high demand.

C# – Java of Microsoft

C#, a new language from Microsoft, in series of c & C++. A language that is having a feature of both and also feature of Java. This language has the same language pattern as of Java. It has pre defined class, methods and many more. Hence it is also called Java of Microsoft. But this language is based on .NET Framework. This language was released on 2002.

This language is pronounced as “C Sharp”. As this language is made using .NET Framework, hence it has wide usability. Due to wide integration of .NET, programs made on C# can be used on other languages. All the languages that work on .NET Framework, can used those programs directly. Hence making it in top 10 programming languages.

This language is now a days most popular, because it is used in making Windows 8 Apps. As due to increase in popularity of Windows 8, its Apps are also getting popular. Hence programmers are showing their interest towards this language. And due to its integration to .NET and XAML, Apps are easy to build.

Objective C – language for iOS

Just same like C language, but with addition to object oriented programming. Objective C is different from C++, but similar to C. This is a general purpose language, built to make OS. It was developed in early 1980s by Brad Cox and Tom Love. This language has a pre-compiler, which was made to use it comfortably.

Objective C is actually language to make OS like iOS. Apple, OS X, iOS such operating systems are derived form this. Gadgets from these OS are very popular. Hence make this language in top 10 programming languages. And this language has large scope, as very less people knows this.

Apple laptops and PC’s, and iPhone are in demand in market. And these are made by using the iOS and OS X, which are derived from Objective C. This language has a large scope as this language and OS need development. They require new upgrades to make these gadgets more productive for market.

JavaScript – client side language

JS, a language which is known by every web developer. A language which helps in providing dynamic content on webpage. This language runs on client machine after the web page loads. JavaScript has syntax similar to C programming. Instead it is not a fully programming language, it is in top 10 programming languages.

JavaScript is actually a fun to be used. This language is actually designed for making the web page interactive and dynamic. This language is used to make functions, and to run them on desired events. As in other languages functions run when they are called in Main functions. JavaScript functions are called on web page events. This language has its own uniqueness for being in top 10 programming languages.

Java Script is popular because it helps in providing dynamic response of web page. This helps to interact client side scripts with user. To help user to control the data, alter the data and communicate asynchronously. This feature helps in making the web page more interactive and useful. And prevent reloading and re-fetching for every request of user.

PHP – top in website development

PHP, an open source language in web development. And now a days, an emerging language in server languages. This language is in top 10 programming languages, because of its different stream. As it is used in web development and open for everyone and also free. It is the language which is used in Facebook. Whole Facebook is made using this server language.

This language is also in top 10 programming languages of web development. As this language is easy to use, and can be used as object oriented programming. You can use it in the most easiest way, it provide most feasible framework. This language provides many pre-defined functions. And functions are very much useful in connecting database. It connects to MySql database and provides dynamic content.

This language is so popular in top 10 programming languages, because it provides framework. Many framework till now has been made which makes web development, and also provides security. There are pre-defines methods, which can just be implemented in ease. These frameworks can be made by anyone, who is compatible to Php.

Python – server side, programming language

Python, a language which is becoming popular steadily and growing at fast rate. This language is slowly becoming popular among top 10 programming languages, as because of its code readability. And it is the reason of being in top 10 programming languages. This language has fairly easy to understand syntax.

Python was designed by Guido van Rossum in 1991. This high level language has very easy syntax for coding. As comparable to C, fewer line code are enough for a program. Python language provides dynamic memory system for less memory usage. And also this language offers object oriented and procedural type programming.

Python language is popular because it is used in mobile apps designing. It is also used in scripting language for web development. Python comes in top 10 programming languages because of ease in syntax. You can make same long code programs in just few lines.

Ruby – develop website and mobile apps

Ruby, which is also becoming popular like Python. Ruby language was developed in Japan in mid 1990s by Yukihiro. This language is dynamic, reflective, object oriented. And also this is a general purpose programming language. This language is affected by other languages like Lisp, Eiffel and C.

Ruby language made position in top 10 programming languages, because of fun. This language is designed for productivity, fun and good user interface.This language has dynamic type programming, and also is object oriented. It has flexible syntax hence minimizes syntactic noise.

Ruby is popular because of its difference from other languages in many ways. And still it is easy to use and learn language making in top 10 programming languages. It even provides Meta Programming, means it automatically modify at runtime. Ruby also specifications which have their virtual C environment. JRuby is also provided to run on JVM. And even it can be used in website designing and mobile apps making.

SQL – language for data

SQL, a language which is absolutely different from all of the above top 10 programming languages mentioned. SQL is not for such programming for making heavy code programs. Or to make any functions, which have member for further methodology. This language has its own programming pattern of programming.

SQL was designed by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce in 1974. This language is actually designed for managing data, held in any database management system. All the data which is stored in some table formats is to be fetched for further use. And this data is accessed is using this programming language.

SQL is popular because of its data sync property. This language uses various schema for manipulation, and modification or fetching of data. This language always come in top 10 programming languages. And is supposed to come everytime. This language makes the data accessing easy and maintaining the data according to use. This data can be used in any where by just using this language.

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